Billing Options

We are an approved network provider for most insurance carriers and have flexible payment options. accept medicaid senior home care baltimore

We accept:
Medicare and Medicaid
Private Insurance
Private Care (out of pocket)

For most families, understanding the payment options for DDA and senior care is very confusing. We have listed some of the basic billing rules below. Call us for more information: 410.415.6505

Will Medicaid pay for my home care?
Depending on your needs and eligibility many services will be paid for.
Medicaid pays fully and partially for those eligible for the Medicaid Personal Care Program. The Medicaid Waiver provides funds for diverse services from meals to respite care.

Medicare will cover certain services, provided by Medicare-certified providers (BestCare, is a Medicare-certified Home Health Agency).

-The service must be medically reasonable and necessary
-The Medicare recipient must be homebound, as defined by Medicare
-The care must be prescribed under physician orders
-Your care must require skilled services (SN, PT, ST) at the start of care
-The care must be intermittent or part-time

Who else pays for home care?
Home health care can be paid for in a variety of ways and may be paid by a combination of payers:
-Medical Assistance
-Governmental/Community Funding
-Most Health Care Insurance
-Liability or other insurance-paid coverage
-Workers’ Compensation
-Long-term Care Insurance
-Self/Private Pay
-Veterans Administration Benefits and Triwest
-Health Insurance (HMO or PPO)