We offer homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Baltimore, MD area.

Best Care Nursing & Residential offers an array of supported living options and staffing alternatives to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in homes and communities of their choice.

Traditional residential options include agency operated single family homes and apartments for people who choose to live with roommates and may require 24 hour support. Private individual family care homes are also available for people that prefer a family setting with agency oversight.
A range of supports can also be provided to individuals in their family home or their own home, depending on their preferences. Support services can range from drop in supports to more comprehensive services, including 24-hour supervision, awake over night supervision, one on one supervision, nurse delegation and oversight.
The level and type of services and supports vary based on the specific needs and choices of the individual. Beyond ensuring health and safety, Best Care Residential staff assist individuals to become as independent as possible by helping them to acquire new skills, while giving them opportunities to pursue their interests in the community.

Services Offered:

• Residential and family support services
• Individual support services
• Community supported living arrangements
• Respite care

We Assist Adults with the Following Disabilities:

• Intellectual Disabilities • Blindness/Severe Visual Impairment
• Cerebral Palsy • Downs Syndrome
• Neurological Disorders • Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Retts Syndrome • Spinal Bifida
• Epilepsy and/or Seizure Disorder
• Muscular Dystrophy Spinal Cord injury • Multiple Sclerosis
• Other Cognitive and/or Physical Disabilities

Why Choose Best Care?

Best Care Nursing & Residential Services, Inc. strives to support people with disabilities through:
• Coordination – We can help with information regarding housing, day programs, jobs and independent living
• Breaking Barriers – helping the developmentally disabled live in the least restrictive environment
• Employing Highly Qualified Staff
• Encouraging individuals with developmental disabilities to reach their maximum level of independence
• Encouraging Community Involvement
• Maryland Money Follows the Person Program

All staff members work together in each of our home environments to ensure high standards for communication and consistency of care are met. By working closely with residents and their support network, we are able to create and implement individualized service plans to meet your exact needs.

How do I Receive Services?

To live in one of our residential homes applicants must be approved to receive services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), and must be involved in a vocational, day-service, or senior day program. For more information on Best Care’s residential services, please call us at 410.415.6505.
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